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Daily Archives: August 22, 2015

Truth is simple, people are complicated

We learn that everything is made of energy. Energy is measured by frequency. I’m speaking of things also, with no matter. So then when we ask, “What does it matter?” it’s a valid question. What “matter” does this create in our physical reality? We’ve learned that we can measure thoughts in the brain. We can measure feelings and impulses in the body. These things are real. If something can be measured, I can consider it fact.

What’s most significant about my journey is this thirst for new information. Knowledge is unlimited. What is identified as fact or fiction? How can I tell? Where do I spend my time? What is the truth?

I’m a person that chooses to look at things by the value of the question. I put a lot of stock in questions. It’s important to study the closeness of the question to the answer. If the frequency of every thought is measured, then what if we were to put effort into matching the frequency of our questions and answers? Could we find answers faster? What if we removed judgement? Would we be open minded to accept the truth we found “as” truth? Would that speed it up? It just seems like a closed, judgmental mind slows us down from evolving into something more powerful. Accepting things has a great deal more to do with our future than we give it credit for. It feels like truth is simplistic, and for some reason we weave these complex concepts because we’re not open to see the truth as it really is. These fragmented stories, misguided attempts at mind control and the manipulation of entire populations for limited power seems to be a waste.

I believe, once people get a taste of truth in its purest simple form, they won’t want to play with the complexities anymore. It slows us down.